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    road intersections and curves

    Roads and Bridges

          A lot of block play is horizontal. Most buyers tend to think of towers and castles, but kids like to build roads, bridges, airfields and railroads and they do this by laying out the blocks horizontally. This calls for some way to make intersections, turnouts, and branches to the road and the pieces here are for that purpose.
       However, many modern block sets only have block thickness shapes (1.375 inches). In times past, sets included “planks” that were exactly half that thickness of blocks for use in making roads and also for planking over roofs. Our sets still have these items and if you bought a set from us you will surely have road planks as well as blocks.  
          Accordingly, we sell these switches in both sizes: block thickness (1-3/8) and plank thickness (11/16) and we also sell a transition piece in order to get one’s car or bus from one level to the next.  
       The correct scale cars, trucks and planes for use with blocks are the metal “matchbox” size vehicles from Mattel and others. These are the correct size for making garages, parking lots or airfields.  


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    X-switch Plank


    double X switch Plank


    T-switch Plank


    Tall T-switch Plank


    Double T-switch plank


    Y-switch Plank


    Double Y-Switch Plank


    90 degree turn Plank


    45 degree turn plank


    large 90 degree turn plank


    large 45 degree turn plank


    small chicane plank


    large chicane plank


    alt Y switch plank


    road intersections and curves

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