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  The Family Kit is a very large kit of blocks, suitable for three or four five year olds, a small day care operation, or small kindergarten classes.  It includes a full range of pieces including twelve of the 22 inch rectangles, and over one hundred and sixty of the other basic rectangle blocks of other sizes.

    This kit allows a bunch of children to make a whole city, and there are enough pieces to permit cooperative play without hoarding.  While bags are supplied, a system of shelves or cubbies are really required for adequate storage. These should be sufficiently robust to support 150 pounds or more, and low enough for children to ritualize taking blocks out of storage and putting them away again.

    Teachers will find that these blocks work well with available lesson plans and projects as given by organizations like the Bank Street School and the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).  With a kit this size, the sky is the limit.  Children will cantilevered structures and tall towers.  Boxes on top of boxes can make a structure that reaches nearly as high as the ceiling.  Construction projects may include projects with windows, doors, walkways, wheelchair ramps, etc.    Many of the smaller pieces become more fully integrated as decoration in battlements, fenestration, fancy entries, steps, and statuary.  Children vary in their interest in these things, but many of them become blockaholics, and will spend hours and days completing incredibly creative and complicated projects.  Additionally, this is a good set for cooperative play between four and five year old children and their younger siblings.

       Our Premium Blocks have been selected for their tan, uniform Color.  Maple Firsts and Seconds may have streaks and spots caused by natural enzymes.  There is no other difference.



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